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InmoCasa La Palma, your best choice to buy or sell your property on the Island

In La Palma the real estate market has its own characteristics that make them different from big cities. After the housing boom, in recent years there has been a significant decline in new promotions and most sales made are mostly second-hand properties.

Selling a property is not as easy as it seems at first glance because you have to take into account a number of legal requirements and know very well the local market to reach the potential customer.

What makes us different is our comprehensive service sale. On the one hand, we accompany the seller throughout the selling process, counselling you in the estimating of your property according to the market, after this, make a custom research to find the potential customer for your property, working together to ensure that the property meets all legal requirements for the sale. If you counselling, we have disposition of professionals the branch of lawyers specialized in urban law, quantify surveyor, and a range of professionals in the branch.

On the other hand, we accompanied the buyers, who are both domestic and foreign (English, German, French speakers…) extending the ranking of stakeholders, besides having a wide customer base. The services that we offer is also very varied from helping to find mortgage financing with the best benefits, helping with the N.I.E number for non-residents, open accounts for non-residents, …

As a result, success is assured, and both the seller and buyer are satisfied by the comprehensive work we offer. For us the important thing is to help in the whole process of buying and selling professionally and InmoCasa La Palma is your trusted real estate agency in La Palma.

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